The Lack of Pictures vs. the Quality of the Home

A prospective client is moving into our area from out of state and asked a rhetorical question:  “Does the lack of pictures on the web indicate poor quality of those homes?”  Well, yes and no.

No – “REO” and especially the “Short Sale” listing agents are often too busy to take more than one picture (sometimes none at all).  Occasionally, a solo picture of the front of the home is all the agent could squeeze in.  So the home might be fine.

Yes – there just may not be anything photo-worthy.  Since most of the homes on the market currently are Short Sale or REO listings and since many of these financially challenged homes are pretty worn finding a compelling shot may be difficult.

However, some listings will show 8 or 9 photos of the front and back yards and none of the interior…MESSAGE: there probably is nothing INSIDE worth displaying.  Also, have you noticed how forgiving a camera can be?  We often turn to one another asking:  “Yuck, is this the same house”?

So, after doing a Google Street Scene your best bet is to do your research on the location, statistics on the home(s) etc. from the web then, go out and look at several homes in the same afternoon.  Your agent will put together an efficient tour of prospective homes for you.  Not only will you see what the condition of the homes ARE and, could become, you will also get a feel for the neighborhoods.  “Seeing (in real time) is believing”.

2 thoughts on “The Lack of Pictures vs. the Quality of the Home”

  1. Nicki

    “A picture is worth a 1,000 words”. So, a nice home with nice features will have lots of pictures and, therefore, lots to talk about. No pictures means the agent is too busy (not the kind of service person I want to deal with), or, the home is a mess!

  2. Nicki

    The obvious flip side of THIS post is: A great home, with great features will have lots of pictures and a Video Tour. “Service” takes time and agents who are too busy to give us their time (i.e. pictures) may be looking for things to do when the bank-owned listings go away. Thanks for your comment.

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