Elimination of Gilroy Caltrain Service Averted

In an attempt by Santa Clara County’s Transportation Agency to close a $10.1 million budget gap consideration of terminating Caltrain service to Gilroy has been discussed for some time.  However, thanks to persistent lobbying by Lisa Rheinheimer, executive director of the San Benito County Council of Governments, commuter train service for Gilroy will continue.  The Transportation Agency was also presented with a resolution from the Hollister City Council and San Benito County Board of Supervisors in support of continuation of the Gilroy Service.  Additionally, nearly 700 comments from the public, most of which were in support of keeping Gilroy train services, helped the Agency to keep Gilroy in the loop.

Some changes in service will impact commuters. To save nearly $2 million in next year’s budget the mid-day service will run every hour rather than every half hour.  Parking costs will go up $1 to $3 per day.  The bulk ticket “Go” passes will also see a slight fee increase.

So, of the 39,122 riders on the Caltrain system (2/09), the 324 commuters from South Santa Clara County can keep their transportation plans on track.

Good work everybody!

For more information go to: pinnaclenews.com

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