Install New Carpet for Re-Sale Appeal?

A Monterey homeowner asked a question    which many sellers wonder about: “Should I replace our dated and worn carpeting  with l new flooring on the home I’m selling?”  The seller has been told “Yes” and “No.  Buyers will want to put in their own color and texture of flooring“.

This is topic which has no perfect answer. I find most buyers really want a “turn-key” home – one where they can simply move into it and live. Those same buyers often say, “we’ll change this, and that…” but, often take a long time getting around to it if they don’t make those changes soon after the close of escrow.

A  few enterprising buyers will, in fact, shop for a ‘fixer upper’.  Some have family and or friends in “the trades” and fully intend to do a complete face lift to the home they buy.  If the rest of the home is dated and in need of repairs  the seller will have spent money on carpeting that will likely be removed.

If the home is in otherwise good condition I would go with the odds and put down a complementary-color carpet. It does make a lot of difference in the ‘feel’ and ‘senses’ of that brief tour the prospective buyer will take of the  home.  We only have one chance for a first impression.  The value of getting the home sold in a timely fashion vs. staying on the market a long time suggests that the cost of carpeting is really a cost of selling.

Regarding the cost – We have a nice relationship with a carpet store where they will allow homeowners to “bill escrow” with no costs or interest for up to a year.  This kind of relationship can make the decision a whole lot easier, right?

One thought on “Install New Carpet for Re-Sale Appeal?”

  1. Terry H.

    I read your article about carpeting. We debated the same thing and finally put in new carpet. Like you said, the store let us send the bill to the title company. Our home sold 2 weeks after we put in the carpet and it had been on the market for 2 months. It was worth it.

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