Manufactured Homes: Good Investment?

The term: “Manufactured home”  includes two types of homes: Mobile Home and a Modular Home

Mobile homes are delivered to the sight on their own axles and wheels and generally have the wheels remain in tact.  It is not real property and you pay the DMV vehicle taxes on it.

Modular homes are pre-built homes which are delivered to the lot on flatbed trucks, hoisted onto a permanent foundation and bolted down.  Therefore the Modular home becomes ‘real property’ because it is affixed to the land.  You pay regular property taxes on a Modular home, according to Prop. 13, as you would on regular, or, “stick-built” homes.

The value of the Mobile home is generally less than that of a Modular home.  Financing of such a home is not nearly as attractive as that of a Modular home.  There tends to be fewer lenders wiling to lend on a Modular home than a traditional “stick-built” home. However, those that do, typically offer comparable rates and fees to that of traditional homes.

We (under my “Community West Mortgage hat”) are one of those lenders who lend on Modular homes.  Why not call or e-mail me for more details?

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