Protect Yourself – Change the Locks

Mail boxes email lrgIt is always advisable to have the entry locks to your new home changed.  The previous owner, their family, the friendly neighbor –  have had a key to YOUR home.

If you are buying or, recently bought a home with a monument-type mailbox make sure you go down to the Post Office and arrange for them to change your mailbox lock as well.

Unless your agent obtains 3 mailbox keys from the seller, be ware.  When a new lock is installed the Post Office gives the homeowner 3 keys.  Typically, however, when we obtain keys from the seller, we might get 1 key for the mailbox (not all 3).  So, there are 2 other keys for your mailbox floating around out there.

The cost of the new mailbox lock is minimal when compared to the potential loss of stolen mail.  It will cost around $35 – $45.  Likewise, new locks for your entry doors will cost around $20 each when the locksmith ‘tumbles’ the existing lock.  The locksmith’s trip-cost will be additional.  It’s always nice too, for one key to open all of your entry doors.

Finally, it is easy and inexpensive to have your automatic garage door opener tweaked.  That is assuming the previous owner still has them to give you by the close of escrow.  If they have driven away with it still on their visor, a new opener is inexpensive and advisable.

Do you have a horror story about “keys”?  How about sharing for others to learn from?

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