Whatever It Takes

My veteran buyer had an approved short sale contract on a Hollister, CA home.

The bank’s approval limited the amounRepairst they had to net from the sale.  There was NOT enough to cover all of the VA-required repairs from the termite company’s report.

The seller had no money.  My buyer could not pay for any of the repairs.  The listing agent and I had already agreed to put up a portion of our commissions toward the cost.  Yet there remained a list of repairs to do.  At the close of escrow no more options were available.  We were at a stalemate.

The seller offered to help to fix a couple of repairs with materials he already had.  I took the remaining list of items and figured out a plan to get them done.  I bought the necessary supplies, rounded up 3 others and on the Saturday before it was to close we spent 7 hours doing those repairs.

With Western Exterminator’s pre-set re-inspection on Monday morning and e-mailed clearance to the lender that same day we funded on the very last day possible. IT CLOSED!  The seller was freed up. My buyer bought a great home at a great price.  The listing agent and I got a little bit for our 4 months of work. Everybody came out okay.

Winston Churchill’s famous, 5 word speech comes to mind: “Never, never, never give up“.

Do you have a ‘deadline’, or ‘problem solving’ story to share?

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