Keeping Our Home Toasty

stove hoodEarly yesterday, I started preparing breakfast.  It was 25 degrees outside (THAT is cold for us in CA) but comfy throughout the house.  Standing at the stove however, I felt this cold air over the burners.  As I checked it out I realized that the fan vents in the hood where acting as open vents to the outside chill.

I found that cold air is heavier than warm air so naturally it has downward pressure. The vent tube which rises to the roof was acting like a free-fall tunnel for the cold air.  I mean, it was like the fan was on, but in reverse, “blowing” air down into our otherwise warm home.  Hmm, what to do?

I took the high-tech approach: pulled a piece of tinfoil the width of the hood and taped it under it covering the vents but not the lights.  Instantly, that cold draft was gone.

Is there some product that will do the same thing but be easier to put on and take down when we’re cooking?  If not, maybe we could invent, one, take it to the “Shark Tank”, and get some investment dollars to sell this energy saving idea.  Thoughts?

Any other “drafty” fixes you know of?  Let’s share.

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