Frequent Question Buyers Ask

“Do I need a buyer’s agent when buying a home from a builder?  What are the advantages/disadvantages of letting the builder handle the contract?

(Here is the answer I posted in Trulia’s community):


“First of all you, the buyer don’t pay for YOUR agent’s service – the seller/builder does. Secondly, your agent’s legal responsibility is to do everything to protect your interests. There is no dual agency to tempt either principal. Your agent will handle all of the contractual paperwork, make certain the home is finished with your specific upgrades, and keep you informed relative to all aspects of the sale. The builder, on the other hand, has _____ other homes and buyers to juggle.

“There are really no disadvantages. If the builder reduces the sales price by the amount of a selling agent’s commission that would be an advantage for going without your own agent. My experience is the builder will not alter their sales price”.

Have you bought a newly constructed home directly from the builder?  How did it go?

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