Bathroom Floor Ideas, Remodeling

One of the  first, physical experiences you have in the morning and, just before you go to bed: your footsies on the bathroom floor.  Is it cold?  slippery?  woolly (carpet)? Yucky?

Is it time to redo the bathroom?  Start with the flooring.  Here is a good article for the newest, old ideas and options that are reasonably priced.  Once you have decided on the floor color and texture  the rest will easily fall into place.

Next to the cost of a kitchen remodel, a bathroom is the second most expensive. However, like the kitchen, remodeled bathrooms really add to a home’s value – one of the highest returns on your improvement dollars.

Not only will your bathroom look fresh and clean, it will feel great on those adventurous toes in the AM and weary souls at the end of the day.

What do you think?  Do you have a floor you want to share?

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