Cycling for Your Back

For most of my post-collegiate years I jogged for exercise. Intermittently, during those same years I had pain in my lower back.  I slept on a water bed which seemed to help.  When we traveled and I slept on a traditional bed my back killed me.  So, I assumed, my remedy for lower back pain was, a water bed.

Things changed when the kids became older.  I ran less and less.  I still played racket ball and lifted weights.  Several years went by and I noticed my back pain became less frequent.

Then, 7 years ago, a friend invited me to ride bikes with him so, I did. One day he announced that we were going to ride in an organized, “century ride”. When I found out that translated to “100 miles” I just laughed. He didn’t. We worked out around the Hollister, CA foothills and several months later I rode in my first century ride.

I have noticed that I’ve had virtually no back pain during these same years while cycling.  And, my wife is much happier having a traditional bed – which works for me too, no pain.  So here’s my unofficial diagnosis: “jogging – bad” (on lower back); “cycling – good“.

Cycling is a great sport and attracts lots of interesting people.  The health benefits seem to follow the diet and exercise more common to cyclists.  I read this article and thought it might be interesting if you are wondering about the right exercise for you.

What remedies for exercise and body comfort have you found?

2 thoughts on “Cycling for Your Back”

  1. I agree with you Mike. I have had back issues and knee (TO MUCH RACKETBALL) issues and found bike riding as great replacement.

  2. Mike Walters

    Hey Jim, Sorry I missed THIS comment (saw it in fb). Road work hardly seems like work, right?

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