5 Reasons for Buying a Home Soon

As this article from Yahoo Homes points out, there are five really good reasons for buying your home now rather than later this year:

1. Interest rates are still attractive but are expected to go up THIS year. Higher interest rate = higher house payment = less of a home.

2. Credit requirements are lowering as the credit crunch dissipates. Lower scores now are being approved.

3. Summer is the best time for a buyer to buy a home. More sellers put their homes on the market in the summer.

4. Home buying at sub 5.0% interest rates is still cheaper than renting.

5. Home values are still lower than the peak in 2006.

All you need do is email me your paycheck stub, ’13 W2, list of monthly debts and roughly how much cash you have.  I will sent you: how much of a home you can qualify for; what the various loan options are available to you;  how much the payments will be and a list of homes currently available for sale in your price range. Pretty simple and, no up front costs.

If you plan to buy a home I strongly advise you to wait no longer.

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