Highest Return on Improvement Dollar$

Guess which home improvement $ gives your the best return in value?

It’s your old front door.  Nearly 97% of your new front door’s cost will go to increased value!

Next?  Replacing your garage door could return 84% of your upgrade cost.  It’s that curbside appeal.

In “Investopedia”, I found this article which suggests there are other improvements such as adding a wooden deck  for upwards of 80%; replacing your windows with double pane vinyl windows for, maybe, 79% return on your home improvement dollar.  If you have the budget consider remodeling your kitchen.  A new kitchen may bring as much as 73%.  Bathroom remodeling is also a reasonable return on your investment and, it will cost much less than a new kitchen.

If your roof is water tight and looks good you should consider that you might only see 67% of the new roof’s cost going toward a higher selling price.  Likewise, adding on bedrooms or redoing a home office sit at the bottom of the return of value for your investment.

What did you upgrade for resale?  Did you recoup most of it back?  Did YOUR home seller quicker?

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