Watch Out for the Winnemucca Whammy.

The good news is the legal speed limit in Nevada is 75 mph and 80 in some places. Unfortunately, with your cruse control set and the boredom of the wide open desert your reactions can get a little delayed.

Heading East on Hwy 80 we were enjoying good munchies, road-trip music and the A/C.  We had traveled through such exciting towns as Lovelock and Imlay – with no events.  So, when we approached the thriving meganopolis known as Winnemucca we were pretty much dialed in.  Another town to see before we blinked a 2nd time.  HOWEVER, the max speed limit dropped from 75 to 70, 60 and suddenly to 55 mph, all within a very short distance.  I had barely clicked out of the cruse control and began to coast toward the newest posted limit when out of nowhere (I mean nowhere)  I saw a cop car behind me with his lights on.

I should have recognized his ‘rookieness’ when he seemed puzzled by the simple question: “My wallet is in the trunk. Would you like me to get it out of there for you?  When I tried to reason with him about the short distance in down speeds he parroted back a canned line: “this is a construction zone near a metro area“.  Oh, please!  IT IS A SPEED TRAP.

After he’d been back in his new patrol car for a good 15 minutes, seriously, he finally came back to me holding this cool, miniature, gadget which did everything for him.  It looked expensive and I didn’t appreciate their speed trap to fund such goodies.

So, if you are heading East on Hwy 80 watch out for the Winnemucca Whammy.  You can do a lot with $261 – rather than provide toys for the cops.

2 thoughts on “Watch Out for the Winnemucca Whammy.”

  1. Brian Savage

    My wife and I spent a lot of time just north of Winnemucca. We saw these construction zones areas near Elko and Battle Mountain last fall and spring.Those temporary speed signs may be too close together. Having worked as a surveyors assistant on a federal highway reconstruct I learned that those signs need to be a specific distance apart. Also you were most likely stopped because of your California plates. Check it out, you may be able to beat the charge.

  2. Mike Walters

    Hey Brian, Thanks for your “local” expertise comments. Already sent them their “cop toy money”. Good info. for others tho.

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