Love Your Tat? Want to Remove It?

Occasionally, I help out at our high school and I am often asked, “Hey Mr. Walters, have any tats?”  When I say “no” they almost always ask “why not?”.  (My answers are for another post).  It is becoming more common for young people to get tattoos.

Ask people your close enough to if they wish they had not gotten their tat and some will admit they do.  Nationally, 23% of adults have at least one tat and 2 out of 10 wish they could get rid of them.  Angeolina Jolie may be one. See hers?

Well, tell those who wish to remove their “mistakes” that there is a way.  This article covers virtually all of the questions you can imagine: the process, the cost, the affects, etc.  It is really amazing.

Do you have one?  Like it?  No?  Well, here you go.

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