The 3 Piles When Moving

I have learned to share my “3 Piles” forecast with my sellers at the beginning of their listing. While it is inevitable, it is helpful to know where to put things when they start de-cluttering.

The dialog goes something like this: “You are going to touch everything in this home when you move. It will show much better after you have removed all of the non-essential furniture, decorations. and nick nacks. You’ll find that your things will go into one of 3 piles: Things you wonder why you ever kept; things you don’t want to keep but are still in good condition, and: the things you actually want to keep”.

Do you want to guess the size of each pile?  In reverse order: the smallest pile will be those things you plan to keep and move. The next, larger pile, will be those things you are not going to take with you but are in good condition.  This is the “donating” pile.  Lastly, the 3rd and largest pile will be the stuff you toss.

So have a garage sale or two to see if you can reduce the size of your ‘toss’ and ‘donating’ piles.  You will have less to take to Goodwill or the dump and your home will be more appealing to your prospective buyers.

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