Hollister Homes Highest Value Gain

Hollister, CA

Of the 3 cities which make up ‘ South County‘, the City of Hollister, CA single family residences saw the highest appreciation from 1st quarter 2013 to 1st quarter 2014.

The average Hollister single family residence (SFR) value rose 23.1% whereas Morgan Hill, CA experienced 21.9% and the City of Gilroy, CA saw their SFR rise by 11.2% from 1Q13 to 1Q14.

However, Hollister’s typical SFR value dropped 43% from 1Q07 (when many say the bubble burst) to 1Q13. Morgan Hill dropped 32.5% and Gilroy 30.6% during this same period.  Hollister’s ave.  SFR value in 1Q07  was $302,383, down to $240,798 in 2013 and up to $274,309 1Q14.

Another indicator of Hollister’s recovery is the time it takes homes to sell.  The average days on the market in 2007’s 1st quarter was a whopping 148 days.  In 1Q13 the time dropped to 124 days on the market.  That is a 69% improvement!  Then, this year we watched the average days on the market drop even further to 24.

Finally, the average Sales to List price ratio was 99.5% in the 1st 3 months this year compared to slightly over 96% in both ‘o7 and ’13 first quarter.  They are selling faster and virtually at their asking price.

What do you think this trend will do?

(data source: MLSListings)

Drop PMI from Your House Payment


Since home values have risen over the last 18 months we are often asked: “How do I drop that Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) from our house payment?”

So here is the Good News and the Bad News:

Good:  “The Homeowner’s Protection Act of 1998“: home lenders MUST drop the PMI when the loan balance reaches 78% of the original value.

Bad: “78% of ORIGINAL VALUE” means the price you paid for the home, NOT today’s appreciated value. Additionally, most lenders require that you have a 2-5 year payment history with them before they will consider your request.

Additional ‘Bad’: Even if you have paid extra toward your loan balance the lenders look to the original amortization schedule to determine when you reach 78% in order to drop the PMI.   That typically takes 9 – 10 years.

Once you have 80% equity you can ask the lender to cancel your PMI however, there is no guaranty they will.

While the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is not governed by the same law they do have a similar ‘78%’ rule with the added proviso that the payment needs to have been made for at least 5 years or your balance is 78% of the original value – whichever comes later.   FHA’s insurance for loans originated after 7/1/2013 however, is permanent.

Good:  You don’t have to wait for the magical date on your amortization table…you can refinance your current loan.  In the South County (Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Hollister, San Juan Bautista) home values rose over 36% in 2013 from 2012.  With at least 20% (new equity) your new loan will not need PMI.  On a $300,000 purchase where you put originally put 5% down to a $285,000 loan, the PMI would cost roughly $220 every month*. Even if you include the closing costs in your refinance loan you will still have a lower payment due to no PMI; probably a savings of $150 or more per month.

In a 5 minute visit I can tell you what YOUR particular numbers will look like.  Text, email or call me.  Let’s get rid of that PMI before another month rolls by.


Refinance…Rates Are Headed North

Home loan interest rates have risen over the last week.  We have enjoyed rates in the  “3’s” for the last several   months.  Today, however, we are nudging up against 4.0%.  The impact on home loan payments, and qualifying is really surprising! Here, for example, is the affect on a $300,000 fixed rate, fully amortized loan that went up .5% from 3.5 to 4.0%:

4.0%                                       $1,432.25/ mth
3.5%                                      – 1,347.13/ mth
Increase:                                    $85.12 every month
Increase in income to qualify:  $224/ mth

4.5%                                      $1,520.06/ mth
3.5%                                      – 1,347.13/ mth
Increase:                                 $172.93 every month
Increase in income to qualify:     $455/ mth

So, will the interest rates go up further?  How much?  How fast?  What do you think?  This is not a time to ponder.  It’s a time to pursue! Why not text or email me your current: Loan Balance, Principle & Interest payment, and interest rate.  Or, you could just email me a copy of your current home loan statement.  I will send back to you how much a refinance will save you each month.

(APR for 3.5%: 3.875%, 4.0%s APR: 4.374%, APR for 4.5%: 4.873%)

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Continued, “Firming” Trend

Here is yet another article which demonstrates that Bay Area home values have bottomed out and have continued a steady climb from there. 

With little land left few homes are being built.  Therefore, the varied employment opportunities which provide a fairly consistent demand for housing, are tipping the supply/demand scale in favor of firm-to-increasing values.

Natural migration for affordable housing therefore, continues to be South of the Bay Area, namely: Morgan Hill, Gilroy and Hollister.  Many families are investing a slightly longer commute in order to have a desirable place for their family to enjoy.

Here is a good indicator of value: “Price per square foot“.  When you look at a home’s cost/sq. ft. it quickly becomes clear – your housing dollar goes much further in our “South County” areas:

A 3 bedroom, 2  bath, 1,700 sq. ft., on a 7,000 sq. ft. lot costs:

  • San Jose             $303.87/sq. ft.
  • Morgan Hill          $247.10/sq. ft.
  • Gilory                    $206.48/sq. ft.
  • Hollister               $146.71/sq. ft.

If you have been waiting to make your next housing move, I wouldn’t wait any longer.  Home prices, in our area, are rising.  The home loan rates are still extradordinarily low – FOR THE MOMENT.  You will be disappointed if you stay with an abritary “wait for 6 months to a year” idea.

BTW: The “City Tourstab above will provide you with video tours of each of our communities.  Enjoy.

If you have wanted to refinance, you should send me an e-mail with your address.  I will be happy to provide you an updated market value.  Your home’s value may be high enough now to take advantage of these low rates.

(data source: MLS Listings)

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